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Ogeechee River Bay


Guyton, GA

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We are homesteaders using old family farmland to build a sustainable lifestyle beyond self sufficiency - we also prioritize the needs of the land and our community. Since agricultural resilience and wildlife habitat improvement are pivotal to our farmstead we strive to perfect land management systems and regenerative farming practices to improve soil health, conserve wildlife, as well as produce a wide range of quality food and farm products.

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align with the needs of the land

  • Cultivate high quality food, produce and timber product
  • Improve the health of the soil, ecosystem, and community
  • Design economically viable farming practices
  • Regenerate land quality: crop rotation, companion planting, biodiversity, bee crop pollination, composting, pastured poultry/livestock
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Ogeechee River Bay Farmstead designs proven agribusiness solutions that help small, local farmers increase productivity and profitability while also ensuring the sustainability of their operations. To do this we've developed farming systems that are resilient, healthy, and beneficial for both the environment and the community, while also producing nutritious and flavorful food.

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Financial planning

Financial Planning + Analysis

Help farmers develop budgets, manage cash flows, and create financial plans to achieve their business goals.

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Land Use Planning + Conservation

Help farmers develop plans for land use, conservation, and environmental stewardship.

Farmers Market

Marketing + Sales Strategy

Assist farmers in developing marketing strategies, identifying sales channels, and negotiating contracts with buyers.


Why Choose Us

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Business Model Design

profitable models that achieve competitive advantage

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Marketing + PR

press events, speaking engagements, ribbon cuttings, job fairs

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Strategic Partnerships

developing opportunities that build alliances for long-term overall goals and interest is our specialty

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Comillas Negras

Our agribusiness solutions are designed to help small farmers increase their productivity and profitability while also ensuring the sustainability of their operations.

Other Areas of Specialty

Crop and livestock management

Includes soil testing, nutrient management, pest and disease control, and animal health management.


Operational system and process design

Design virtuous cycles and feedback loops that are self reinforcing, implementing technology to automate processes

Farm Fence

Risk management

Strategies to manage risks related to market fluctuations, weather events, and other factors that can affect farm profitability.

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