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Ogeechee River Bay


Guyton, GA

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At Ogeechee River Bay Farmstead, we're all ​about building a sustainable lifestyle that ​goes beyond just taking care of ourselves. ​We're deeply committed to the health of our ​land and the well-being of our community.

Our farmstead focuses on making our farm ​resilient while improving wildlife habitats. ​We’re always working on refining our land ​management and regenerative farming ​practices to improve soil health, protect ​wildlife, and produce a variety of high-​quality food and farm products.

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align with the needs of the land

  • Cultivate high quality food, produce and timber product
  • Improve the health of the soil, ecosystem, and community
  • Design economically viable farming practices
  • Regenerate land quality: crop rotation, companion ​planting, biodiversity, bee crop pollination, composting, ​pastured poultry/livestock
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At Ogeechee River Bay Farmstead ​sustainability isn't just a buzzword—it's ​a way of life. We’re dedicated to ​regenerative farming practices that ​not only restore but also enhance the ​land. Our approach ensures that we ​nurture the soil, promote biodiversity, ​and produce high-quality food.

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Sustainable Practices


Crop Rotation + ​Companion Planting

These techniques help maintain soil fertility ​and prevent pest infestations naturally.

Bee Pollinating Flowers

Biodiversity +

Bee Po​llination

We encourage a diverse ecosystem ​that supports healthy crop ​production and vibrant wildlife.

Free range chickens in springtime

Pastured Poultry + ​Live​stock

Our animals are raised on pasture, ​contributing to soil health and offering ​superior quality products.

What We Offer

sketch egg

Our hens roam freely, enjoying a ​natural diet supplemented with ​organic feed.

Lettuce Sketch Vegetable

Organic Produce

We grow a variety of organic herbs ​and vegetables, ensuring that our ​produce is free from chemicals and ​full of natural goodness.

Hand Drawn Blueberry


Our 50-year-old blueberry orchard ​produces some of the juiciest, most ​flavorful blueberries you'll ever taste.

Carabao buffaloes and farmers plowing rice field
Comillas Negras

Your choice to support our ​farmstead directly impacts the ​sustainability of our agricultural ​landscape.

Other Areas of Specialty

Yard Waste in Compost Bin


Composting is a game-changer for enriching soil ​and reducing waste. By turning organic materials ​into valuable compost, we can boost productivity ​and sustainability.


Business Model Development

We create plans that cover market analysis, revenue ​strategies, cost structures, and customer segments to ​understand the economic aspects of farming for a ​clear path to sustainable profitability.

Drip irrigation system

System + Process Design

Efficiency and organization are key to a successful farm. ​We design workflows for planting, harvesting, managing ​livestock, and implement systems for record-keeping, ​inventory management, and quality control.

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